"I pitched this to DC for a laugh years back. The idea was that, like Death of Superman, we had Rape of Wonder Woman; a twenty-two page rape scene that opened up into a gatefold at the end just like Superman did."

—Mark Millar

This is an actual quote.  That he said. 

Lois Lane is a dirty slut unworthy of Superman’s divinity and Wonder Woman should be raped.  For a laugh.  Oh haha.  Rape is so funny, Millar.

Honestly, how this man exists in this world without getting punched by every woman he meets is beyond me.  Horrible human being.

In another world, far beyond this one….Wonder Woman punches this guy in the face and then Lois writes a story about what it looked like when he got punched in the face.

Then, to finish it off, Superman punches him for slut shaming the love of his life and joking about how hilarious sexual violence would be against his best friend.

You know, for a laugh.

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So.. Gonna guess this is why we never see Millar writing DC books anymore.

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I am with you, Grant Morrison. Go punch the guy in the face.

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