That day Diana taught a child how to unleash the fucking fury.

because she is that awesome 

I love how shocked Diana looks when the little girl says the “they need someone to save” and her reaction is “bitch plz you don’t need to be saved” only for being a GIRL. Then hell is unleashed XDDD

wonder woman is my hero

the thing that kills me about this is that she just gave that girl a pointed stick and taught her how to affectively stab a person

wonder woman that boy is going to die and his blood will be on your hands

wonder woman doesn’t care about boys

i’m pretty sure that one less sexist boy in the world is a positive thing and that teaching a girl to defend herself against assholes is also a good thing.  plus i think she understand that these children are playing a PRETEND game and that she trusts that little girl to know the difference between PRETEND and real and to behave accordingly (since shanking innocent people is usually frowned upon).  any blood that little girl spills could only be on that little girl.  also, in Diana’s world people don’t actually die from shit like that because they’re all immortals and superheroes.  maybe she’s just confused and thinks those kids’ bodies are the same as Amazonian bodies.  i’d buy that.